Saturday, 29 June 2013

The Colors Used in The Embroidery Digitizing

Embroidery digitizing is an interesting concept of beautifying clothing and fabrics. Today virtually all types of fabrics can be embroidered with the right stabilizer in embroidery digitizing. Although the practice of embroidery digitizing is rather easy where only a computer and software for embroidery digitizing is necessary, there is always the possibility of complications arising with embroidery digitizing. However, with the right information and advice on embroidery digitizing, it is possible to develop a project that is the eye of envy at all.

The most commonly used embroidery thread weight is 40wt thread while 60wt or 90wt thread is used as the bobbin thread. The number of thread breaks and problems that can occur in the embroidery digitizing is very influenced by the quality of wire used for this. The best wire to use is polyester thread because the color is more safe and durable.In embroidery digitizing, there's no problem with using different colors from the colors found in a drawing. There is also need to fretting if you do not have the same colors or brand of thread used in the project. Slight changes in shades and tones of colored wires dont pose to be quite clear on the completion of the project.Embroidery digitizing proves to be more interesting if you can set different colors for the different colors of the fabrics. It 'best to use the background color change feature found in the embroidery digitizing software to determine the color that looks the best on the fabric you use. If this feature is absent in the software, keep different colors of felt and fabric nearby to test different colors on them before you start designing.When you start on the creation of an embroidery digitizing design, it is often helpful to go through the entire design collection to find out where the look of the design can be changed only by a change of color. Even fruit and flowers look different and more attractive with a change of color in design. So you can see that the embroidery digitizing does not mean you have to follow the pattern that is found in the book of design or software. You can create much more interesting and attractive design, using the imagination and instinct of color to make the project more interesting. 

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